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It’s yours, take it.

by msadmin on June 18, 2013, no comments

At our last meet, we talked about why it is so difficult for Christians to accept God’s gift of love and why we feel the need to earn it first. Listening to Israel Houghton’s I receive your love
did put it in context especially when you watch the version on YouTube where he gives a brief intro before playing the unplugged version.

Once you have it figured out that all you need to do is accept God’s gift of love and all that it brings, the rest is easy. You feel peace, knowing that all your worries are taken care of by the Father, joy and self-confidence that comes with the feeling of being loved and the ability to love yourself and others.

If it is a hard concept to grasp and you still feel that before you can accept God’s love you have to do something special, try using the analogy of giving a gift yourself. Would you expect the recipient to do something remarkable before you give them a gift? If you answered yes to that you might want to ask yourself if that really qualifies as a gift.

I refer to Him as the Father, so by default that makes us His children. Does a child have to do something special to earn his father’s love or receive a gift? Same applies to us as Christians.

I’ll let Israel do the talking.

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