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by Celia on July 30, 2018, no comments

Those who heard him say this exclaimed, “If it is that hard, how can anyone be saved?” He replied, “God can do what men can’t!” Luke 18:26-27 The Living Bible (TLB) Doing my morning devotional and listening to this beautiful praise anthem (Unto God) by Planet-shakers, I was reading the passage in Luke where the […]

It’s yours, take it.

by msadmin on June 18, 2013, no comments

At our last meet, we talked about why it is so difficult for Christians to accept God’s gift of love and why we feel the need to earn it first. Listening to Israel Houghton’s I receive your love did put it in context especially when you watch the version on YouTube where he gives a […]

Sharing our experiences

by Celia on January 24, 2013, no comments

Welcome to our blog. We meet as a family every month to share our experiences, testimonies and what we’re going through in our lives and have been doing this now for a couple of years.