The family that prays

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by Celia on July 30, 2018, no comments

Those who heard him say this exclaimed, “If it is that hard, how can anyone be saved?” He replied, “God can do what men can’t!” Luke 18:26-27 The Living Bible (TLB) Doing my morning devotional and listening to this beautiful praise anthem (Unto God) by Planet-shakers, I was reading the passage in Luke where the […]

Our God is a Practical God

by Celia on July 30, 2018, no comments

In our family group we were reading Exodus 12 about the Passover and started to ask questions as to why God instructed the Israelites in the way that He did, we then went to Leviticus to read the instructions God gave His people, then it struck us, these were practical instructions around health, hygiene, morality, […]


by Celia on July 30, 2018, no comments

I woke up today to some fabulous news about a new job, a role I’ve wanted and prayed for, doing what I love, and am wired to do, in an organisation that I like. After coming down from my euphoric high, I sat down and reflected on my journey of the last 18 months, weighing […]